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Since 1998, Theatrium Design has been producing high quality web design and development services for small businesses and high tech start ups, in a variety of industries from arts organizations to ecommerce sites. We believe our sites are successful because we approach projects from a very different perspective than most web designers out there.

We combine a background in marketing communications and PR with creative talents and experience in visual communications, art and the theatre to offer a website strategy that is uniquely visual, creative and dynamic. Our web development strategy begins with audience assessment and marketing goals, and builds on creating a clear branding message that highlights the key strengths of your business or organization. We talk to you from a marketing and business perspective and leave the geek talk back at the office for later.

Theatrium Design specializes in marketing websites, as well as eCommerce, Content Management Systems and Blogs. We offer custom design and coding, utilizing many of the Open Source software packages available on the market today, such as Magento and Volusion shopping carts, Drupal and Joomla content management systems and Wordpress websites and blogs. Open source allows for greater cusomization of the design and functionality of a website, so your site is unique to your business needs and goals.

About the owner

Janet Merriman, Moxie & Cassie

Janet Merriman (formally Janet Gottschalk) has been designing websites since 1995, back at the beginning of corporate "marketing" websites. Her background in marketing communications and web development for high tech companies such as Easel Corporation, Bumblebee Technologies, BBG Media, Dragon Systems, and SoundBite Communications provided a solid foundation in understanding how to build brand awareness and drive business using new medias and web technologies.

Prior to her years in high tech, Janet studied and worked in the theater, directing and producing for the stage in a variety of venues. Janet founded Common Ground Theatre Company in Salem, MA and has directed off and on in the years since founding Theatrium Design in 1998. She also dabbles in other artistic ventures such as photography, gardening, watercolor painting, voice and piano. Her active life includes sailing, scuba diving and adventures with her dogs.


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