Digital Product Photography for eCommerce

One of the most compelling aspects of an eCommerce site is product presentation. Quality photos of products are an absolute must when competing in the online marketplace.

Theatrium Design offers product photography services for eCommerce clients and other website projects. At our office studio, use professional photography equipment and lighting to produce high quality digital photos for use in online shopping carts and other areas of your website, newsletter or blog.

You do not need to be a website customer to take advantage of Theatrium Design's product photography services. We can handle your photography project and send you a disc with your images or Photoshop your images to your specifications so that you can upload them into your product catalog or website. Please email us at for details and pricing.

Tips for Successful Photography

  • Mannequin sizes range, but are generally smaller than average people. When sending in your clothing products to be used with mannequins, please note that our mannequins are slender. Please supply Mens Small and Womens Small sizes for the best fit.
  • If your products have tags on them, we may need to remove the tags to photography your item. We will hide the tags if possible, but sometimes it is not possible to do that. If it is imperative that your tag remains intact, please let us know prior to the shoot.
  • Shipped clothing is usually fairly wrinkled, and we steam items prior to the photo shoot. Please let us know if your products cannot be steamed!
  • If you are shipping products to us, please include a pre-paid return UPS label so that we can get your items back to you quickly.


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